Design Enterprise

Design Enterprise

CDE - Czaja Design Enterprise
is a creative One-Man-Show specializing in saving the planet and to make it look gooood, work gooood & feel gooood with the help of digital technology & design craftmanship.

PS: it’s pronounced „tsh-aja“.

Well, alright? That sounds freakin cheesy!
What the hell are you actually doin...?


UX & UI Design

Webdesign, UX & UI Design on mobile and desktop (I know, I know! Mobile first, Jeeeez!) with good understanding of development and "Okeeeey" programming skills.

Brand & Identity

Need a kick ass logo or/and brand identity? Call me and we work something out that will make us all very happy, promised.


Yes, even illustration. Games, advertisement, or just something to spice up your info graphics. Whatever you need to not bore your customers and clients to death.

Motion & Animation

Putting my, or your designs into motion is also a thing I do with proper film editing and animations.


A small selection of my commercial work and own projects that I am very proud of. My clients too btw.


Visual & Character Design / Concept

2015, I had the pleasure to create identity character designs for Hong Kong's biggest and most popular annual music & arts festival. My role was to create graphic designs and concepts for advertisement and festival decoration.

gimme pics n things


UX & UI Design

Over a period of two years full employment I have been working on several mobile & desktop applications at Sweden's largest online gambling company. My missions were to create high quality wireframes, designs and concepts.

Betsson Website


Graphic Design / Information Visualization

I had the honor to create some high quality information graphic visuals and interactive presentations for Sweden's biggest automobile manufacturer, Volvo, and one of their exclusive customer conferences and internal presentations.

Volvo Website


UX & UI Design / Brand Identity

As an ongoing startup side project I am working remoteley on a web based application and shipping-search-system together with a small development team. My role lies primarely within UX & UI design and also company branding & identity.

gimme mo!


Graphic Design & Brand Identity

Gladly, I was able to put my personal designs and concepts on a broad set of products in collaboration with Berlin based skateboard brand TEN. Needles to say, this job was quite graphic design heavy.

well, let's see!


Personal Artwork

Ever since I was aware of pen & paper I've been sketching and painting every day trying to create new things with the same level of quality and love to details that I am going for with every work I do. I know, quite cheesy too, right?!

bring it on!

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